Setup Fee | $199


Monthly Support Plan | $40/month


Website Design
Included in Fee
Feel safe with 100% money back guarantee
Onpage SEO
Custom design
10-15 pages
Draft within 5 days
30-day design period
Assistance with web hosting & domain setup
Full Documentation of Wordpress Installation/Maintenance
Monthly Support Plan
Website Hosting
Domain Registration & Renewal
**Website Maintenance/Updates
**Website Backup and Recovery
**Content Additions/Edits
Future Design Edits @ $30/hour
Free Domain Transfer if/when You're Ready to Move On

*The 30-Day Setup period allows you and Brian to work closely together to nail down a website you’re happy with.  No need to watch the clock or worry about hourly rates until the 30-Day Setup period is over. 

**The combined time spent on maintenance, updates, content edits, website recovery, etc. is limited to 2 hours total/per month (more than 2 hours is rarely needed for the average customer).